At first glance, the photographs in Fast invite the viewer to draw parallels to Golden Age European still life paintings, with their distinctive aesthetic – many depicting lavish foodstuffs that extolled the lifestyle of the rich and powerful. But, on closer inspection, the subject matter of these photographs subverts the genre: the expectation of privilege and a historical setting is confounded by modernity and the whiff of staleness, as we see waste convenience food such as KFC and Krispy Kreme doughnuts.


Our desire for cheap, poor-quality food fuels many societal ills: to take just a few examples, over 60 per cent of the British population is now overweight, and questionable farming practices have decimated the UK’s fauna and flora (the once-common tree sparrow has declined by 93 per cent since 1970), and been the cause of the devastating illness commonly called mad cow disease.