MAP6 Collective: The Isolation Project

This is my contribution to the MAP6 group project.


On 16 March 2020, five members of the MAP6 collective flew to Finland to photograph the area around Rovaniemi in Lapland. The coronavirus was beginning to take hold across the world; it had been ranked as a pandemic by the World Health Organization on 11 March, and its impact was only just beginning to be realised. Within hours of arriving they were notified that all return flights had been cancelled. With the country entering a state of emergency and the borders closed, the MAP6 members were potentially stranded. Events escalated as they watched alarming news updates from their apartment. Museums and schools had closed in Rovaniemi, and restaurants and bars were shutting. This was the beginning of a global lockdown. For four days the MAP6 photographers documented the crisis from within Finland, whilst awaiting confirmation of a flight home. The headlines below appeared on various social media channels during that time.


PM tells Britain: stay in to stop march of coronavirus

8 million could be hospitalised by the virus in Britain

Heinz pledges to give 12 million free breakfasts to school children in need

UK cases increased to 798, there have been 11 deaths so far

Outlook darkens as travel ban threatens stock market

'Sing across rooftops': Bono writes coronavirus song dedicated to Italy

Dutch panic buyers queue around the block for cannabis

France president Macron suspends rent, taxes and utilities

Eurovision song contest cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic

Finland to close borders to non-essential travel at 12am on Thursday

A ghost town, New York shuts down over coronavirus

Coronavirus claim: disease outbreak is punishment from God

For some buyers with virus fears, the priority isn’t toilet paper, its guns

Europe is now the epicentre of the pandemic

25 Million Californians will be infected

Mass gatherings to be banned

Desperate travelers choked European border crossings

London supermarket chaos: fight erupts in Tesco as coronavirus panic grips Britain

Exams cancelled after virus forces schools to shut down

Dow Jones drops 3000 points in worst day since black Monday. Trump warns of recession

Trump feels pressure to invoke Cold War-era act

Banks act to save world economy from pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic will last 18 months or longer